Our purpose is to bring the full understanding and practice of yoga to people. To bring the ancient knowledge and practices of yoga from the remote area of the Himalayas. This is the full blending of the spiritual meditation with physical body poses and movements, using sound / chanting energy focusing, to increase the separate functions of the Mind, Body, & Spirit, but more importantly, tie these together for an enhanced life with a foundation of great understand and happiness.

The values are simple, provide first what is wanted & needed, while showing a glimpse of the power of yoga. From this shall bloom true interest. Second increase the level of teachings and practice while bestowing the commitment of seeking both individual and universal peace. Third, once they reach the top-level ability, add them to the staff.

The benefits from practicing yoga are: healthy weight, build and tone muscles, increases energy and happiness, improved flexibility and strength, balanced hormonal and endocrine systems, reduced stress, better mental focus, and more. I like to say that doing yoga lets you become the best possible you possible. Yoga teaches you how. We have started helping / teaching people with Autism.